I wrote a letter today..

I wrote a letter today,
words that never left my mind,
things that never left the emptiness,
things I'd wish to leave behind.


I wrote a letter today,
and it was all about you,
the reasons that made me cry,
and the painful things you used to do.


i wrote a letter today,
hoping it would set me free,
but my past still keeps a hold,
and you won't let me be.


trapped within my mind,
hurtful words just seem to buzz around,
things i now believe,
forcing me to stare at the ground.


You used to tell me how i was,
nobody. a freak. i just locked it away.
believing it as the truth,
because that was the way.


you used me as an outlet,
i wish i knew the reasons why,
the daily misery still continues,
and you still make me cry.


years have past, that's true,
but things are hard to erase,
we are not computers..
and memories still leave their trace.


i wrote a letter today,
but i'll cling it close to me.
i wish you knew what you did,
and i wish one day i'll be free.


i wrote a letter today,
about how my future would unfold,
but i guess that is another story,
awaiting to be told.


- Gem*