Seaside Salvation

The summers heat is bearing down,
The smell of sea and sand arising,
Through the warm muggy breeze,
Yet today's events aren't surprising.
I sat there alone today.

I close my eyes and feel the warmth,
The sun doesn't hold back,
And i give in to my temptation,
And hide away the track,
I tossed the phone away.

A quick slick smile,
From cheek to cheek did spread,
Running free from all my concerns,
Excitement rushing to my head,
Something I never experience at home.

I stood on the pier and gazed far,
Watching the waves rise and splash,
I hold my arms out to the side,
Forget about the daily dash.
Imagine I am flying.

I lean forward and felt the wind,
Brushing against my face,
I am free now, so free,
Living to my own pace.
I can let it go now, right?

But I won't.
But I don't.
Rinse and repeat.
Daily salvation from a life of sanity.


- Gem*
5th August 2006