Sitting on the cliff top,
The whole world to see,
Sun slowly fading,
Birds flying free.

I hear the footsteps behind,
The smell of roses flow,
I look down and sigh,
And think about the ground below.

"Ah.. I've been worried.."
I hear the murmured words,
"No need to worry.." i say..
"I can't fly like the birds."

"I'll be fine"
It’s what i seem to say,
No matter the situation,
It’s always been that way.

"Why not come back in"
You hopefully coax me away,
I just stared into the sky,
"Please, just let me stay.."

What if i am never free?
What if i can never be..
What if i can never see..
That person who used to be me.

Thoughts race through my mind,
No matter how hard i try,
I'll never feel freedom,
I will never fly.

Nothing seems to work,
Those deep hurtful fears,
They won't be washed away,
By the ever flowing tears.

I still feel my wings,
Trying to be by my side,
Trying to pull me back,
When i try to hide.

I know i could jump,
And let it all go,
But then I’d not be free,
And it'd hurt for me to know.

This year i'll make a promise,
Mainly to myself you see.
I'll keep trying harder,
And one day i'll be free.

I'll be me..

- Gem*