"So.. so this is goodbye?"

I let you go, and watched you drift away,
You broke my heart, so much more than I could say,
Friends forever? I said, hoping I would see you smile,
You hugged me for a short while,
This is not goodbye.. you said quietly,
I'll always be there for you.

But walking alone, feeling the ground,
Its not something I felt when you were around,
I looked out of the window every night,
watching the stars till mornings first light.

Void of my feelings I trudge through the days,
Sitting, alone, thoughts cast in a daze,
If you are here.. then why do I feel alone?
Writing this poem, home on my own,

I wish every day that you come back,
Maybe give me the hyperness I now lack,
You picked me up on the days I was down,
now all I can do is to stare and try not to frown.

I wish I could tell you the truth,
I miss you, your jokes, and hehe 'oh struth'
Thinking about all the times still makes me smile,
Now all I long for is that good old hug for a while,

I'm not who I used to be, I'm lost and afraid,
Sinking in the mess that I didn't want to make,
Why do friends have to part?
And how it keeps breaking my broken heart.

I miss you my friend, and but its hard to see,
If your actually missing me,
One day, I just wish to see your face,
Please don't let go and leave with no trace.

I love you.

- Gem*
Jun 16, 2003