Blog-ie goodness.

19th December 2008 - Feeling so much more cheerful today, and yet so terrified. The new year is going to bring changes that i don't think i can handle right now, but keep on trying right? Starting to get the site together a lot more, i need to change the structure slightly. I need more time. Bah. Don't we all? Thinking about adding a section for numerical/scripting related things, i love writing scripts like for signatures, web pages etc. And also i'm an excel loving fiend, and make spread sheets for really random purposes. Thinking about putting some of my "ones i actually use" up for template storage.


Thought about doing a section on anxiety reduction and the like, but it might be more helpful for me to find useful resources and link them on the links section? Hmm. I've been working on the themed related art challenges too, i really need to start learning how to draw again. Depression + lack of will to draw has really broken down everything i used to remember, used to do, it feels like starting from scratch again. Maybe it'll come back to me with practise, who knows, aim is just to have fun while i can with illustration =)


Not going to be a white christmas =( *sad mouse*


Later Days



18th December 2008 - with my laptop giving out (for the second time) it seems like fate it yet again messing around with me when i really really don't need it. Last time it was when deadlines were due, at the end of my most crucial year on a university course. Stressful to say the least. Anyways, that means a lot more offline art as i try to keep myself sane this holiday season {we all need some form of escape right?}


I've had enough time on a spare computer to start editing the website though, just not enough to do all the things i really need to do, nor access to any emails that may have been sent during the past few days (i use a mail client, and well with the display crashing 24/7 any emails recieved on start up would have been lost. Kicking myself for allowing email deletion from the servers upon recieving. Not a smart thing.)


I need to write an actual blog script i think, or i'll just keep manually editing this page. Who knows. Depression and anxiety are really kicking my rear at the moment, more than i'd like to admit, but we'll make it through right? Positive tasks, positive thinking. I just wish being in anxiety mode didn't make you feel dead afterwards once you come down, having a few days of that in a row seriously takes a toll on you.


Hope everyone is keeping well!